Displays the last Heat laps.

Heat table

Displays the last Heat laps with lap number, driver and slot car, lap duration and speed.

Click twice on a column to sort all laps. Ex : click twice on speed column to sort laps by speed.

An old Heat can be displayed by selecting it first in the database pane.

Heat chart

Graphically summarizes the last Heat.

X axis corresponds to lap number.

Y axis corresponds to the lap duration.

Minimal lap duration is parameterized in the Hardware pane.

Max lap duration displayed is 3 times the minimal lap duration.

Driver statistics

This screen snapshot shows one of the worst Heat played by Clacbec and Ricky Torpedo. This is the driver statistics of the selected displayed Heat.





Heat list table


The Heat list table displays lists of circuit Heats. Click twice on a Heat line to display its statistics. Note : UR30 only stores Heats with permanent drivers and permanent slot cars. Any Heat with a temporary slot car or a temporary driver is always removed from the database.