Race Event


A race event allows up to 60 drivers and their slot cars to compete thru set of heats. 


The heat starting grids are generated by Race Event builder. Many race formats are described here


The race event main screens are:

    - the race event setting screen: that's where you configure the race event builder to generate race event heats

    - the heat sequence screen: it displays race event heats

    - the score screen: current driver and team scores

Race event setting screen

Heat screen

Displays race heats and their status.

The heat screen also display driver per heat and starting position/lane per heat grids.

Score screen


Displays driver scores and completed heats.

Race event toolbar

The race event toolbar allows to select and restore the last saved/played race events. Just select a race event to restore it.

The current race event is automatically saved.

 The toolbar displays current selected circuit race events.