Track section


Track section libraries

This page contains the last updates of UR30 track section libraries.

UR30 track section libraries are stored in folder ".\racer\library". These are text files defining UR30 track sections (refer to UR30 on line help for further details).

Library folder hierarchy :


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Additional library picture packages :

Polistil : set of Polistil bitmaps

Process as follow to update a track section library :

  • download the track section text file library from the table below
  • move it into .\racer\library

Caution : a track section file may replace an existing one. Replacing an existing file with a new one deletes any changes made on the track section library.

To avoid the lost of the changes, copy with the notepad the old text file library track section changes into the new downloaded one.

Track section libraries (right click to download file, left click to display its content) :

Note : the updates usually work with the last revision of UR30. Insure you've updated UR30 before using a new lib ;)