The Race Management System
  • manages up to 8 lane : 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 lanes with a 1/1000 sec precision
  • all statistics per driver, slot car and races
  • use an MS Access database with described database schema for use with MS Office softwares
  • direct publishing of your race, score, circuit, tournaments on the WEB
  • easy and quick race parameters setup
  • work with parallel port sensors (Sensors, RMS)
  • printed and WEB published reports are based on html & XML templates => can be easily customized
  • reports can be saved as html files for WEB publishing
  • switched-off / red-orange-green start lights status managed
  • HTML compiled on line help
  • integrate a clock and a lap counter to play several circuit race rules
  • power control for each lane (power control hardware)
  • complete slot car inventory with maintenance tasks, advanced statistics
  • fully powerfull customizable race screen with UR30 embedded editor
  • displays number of laps, time, best time, average, gap with first and previous driver, speed, driver position in a segment, total time on track and more...
  • compliant with VNC to share the race view between several computers.
  • race in number of laps or limited in time with possibility of segments and inter segment.
  • false start detection
  • quick & handy race setup and race type selection
  • manage drivers with picture and statistics per slot cars
  • customizable race sound events : false start, start race, end race, best lap, etc.
  • track managing with minimum lap time and track length.
  • possibility to resume a race after an electric cut.
  • manage several type of race tournaments : automatic championship setup and follow up
  • powerfull point management per race
  • manual entry with keyboard also available
  • starting, ending, resume lights
  • race statistics
  • huge library of slot car and driver avatars
  • for the other features, play with the software : that would be to long to describe'em here!!!



Screen snapshots

Race view

The race view displays the race status. There is one race pane per crew.

Click on the  button to cancel the race.

Click on the   button to stop/resume the race. Click on this button to resume a race after a segment change during a race per segments.

Race icons :

Crew with the best average speed per lap

Crew with the second best average speed per lap

Crew leading the race

Since rev 3.0.24 you can design any kind of race screen you want with UR30 embedded track layout editor! Here are few examples of custom race screens :

Race setup

Use this pane to parametrize a race. This pane is updated according to the number of lanes. Following resolutions are available :

  • 2 lanes
  • 3 lanes
  • 4 lanes
  • 6 lanes
  • 8 lanes

The race view displays the race status. There is one race pane per crew



Use this pane to create, delete and modify drivers.

Displays the driver statistics for each car the driver raced with on current circuit


Slot car manager

Use this pane to create, delete and edit slot cars.

It can be used as well to compare slot car one to each other.



Displays the last race laps.

Race table

Displays the last race laps with turn number, driver and slot car, lap duration and speed.

Race chart

Graphically summarizes the last race.

X axis corresponds to lap number.

Y axis corresponds to the lap duration.

Minimal lap duration is parametrized in the Hardware pane.

Max lap duration displayed is 3 times the minimal lap duration.


The race management system allows to manage following tournaments :

-          restore tournament : restore any started tournament (tournament having at least one race run)

-          shared slot car tournament : all selected slot car will be used by each driver on each lanes. The race opponents are randomly chosen by the management system

-          tournament per crew : each selected crew (1 driver and his slot car) will race on each lane. The race opponents are randomly chosen by the race management system

-          Aubry's tournament : each driver drives on each slot car on each lane

-    Mini championship : championship between crews with qualifications, half finales and finale.

The tournament pane is splitted into two parts :

-          the tournament setup pane

-          the tournament pane with all heats