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We have reviewed your program Ultimate Racer 3.0 3.0.29.b1 and we were so impressed that we decided to give you our exclusive award * excellent *!

Best Regards,
   DownloadRoute.com editor

Hi thanks for this program it is great race manager So I just wanted to give a big thank-you to all those folks who have contributed to this project.

Thank you again.
     Best Regards

Hy Guys!

I think Ultimate Racer 3.0 is the best race manager and track editor i´ve ever seen and it´s for free!!!
So I just wanted to give a big thank-you to all those folks who have contributed to this project...
Now i´m working on a german language file for my own. (still in work)

With greetings from germany


looks like a great software you have made here!
best regards
René Christensen

Merci pour le développement de votre logiciel qui me donne beaucoup de plaisir a exploiter.
Dans sa version 3.0.27r2 qui est la plus aboutie je peux enfin faire fonctionner mon circuit sur une, deux ou trois pistes sans aucun problème.UR marche sur une vieille machine equipée de windows 98 SE  (doucement mais surement) vu l'engin.
Merci encore et bonne continuation pour votre musts car on peut l'appeler ainsi.

Michel (babe 11)

Hi there,

I can not belief that this programme and all the info were free. But I have down loaded the Ultimate Racer build the electronics, and every thing just worked no problems. My kids love the slot car racing even more, because of all the interaction and realism. I thank you from the bottom of my hart as I am enjoying my youth years again with my old slot car track.

Thank you again

Hi guys!

What can I say, thank you very very much!!

Looking forward to this.

I knew it right away when I first saw URacer that this is the one and only race management software for our slot-car world!

Thanks again guys


Well guys – I have been writing and using DOS based software for slotcars for years now and you have just blown me out with your programme – fantastic

I have been thinking about seeing how to move to XP with the software – this does it all and more. The fact that Ultimate Racer 3.0 can be personalised to suit your own track and requirements is a big bonus.

Data collected by using car and driver details is a very useful tool for establishing and maintaining records of performance

 Steve (The wizard)Stewart



This is an awesome program, played around with it a bit and figured out all kinds of features that I didn't know were available. Basically I found everything I thought the program lacked and much more.

Big Thumbs UP!!

Object : Fantastique!!

Comments : Thank you very much for a superb piece of software. I am definitely going to donate to charity - that is a nice thought of yours.

If it helps anyone, here are two new track definitions for Scalextric Digital tracl.

One is a change-over straight (C7036). I do not know how to do an offset squiggle, so it does not look exactly like the original.

The second is a slightly better version of the elevated cross-over (both directions in one piece), but I don't know how to do the bridge supports!

I am a novice - 2 days use of the software only, but wanted to contribute to the effort. Please check that I have understood your description codes correctly. They both seem to work!

Thank you again - excellent work!


Jeremy Owen

gracias por este estupendo programa, merci de cette magnifique logiciel (je ne suis pas sure de mon francais)



Great product, it is a lot better than RMS.

I tell everyone to use this.

Thanks again.  



I was very excited about trying your UR30 software.  Many features are
what I have looked for in timing software. 


Brad Gnyp
Saskatoon, SK. Canada

Je viens de découvrir votre logiciel, je tenais a vous feliciter car il de loin le meilleur programme que j ai pu essayer. Vraiment tres complet, il y a tout ce que j attendais d un soft de Slot.


Wow what a great program you have developed. 

I hope to hear from you soon. We are trying to set up
a club in hamilton ontario.

thanks again


Bonsoir Pierrick,
J'ai eu connaissance de UR30 sur le site "Scalex de Groisy".

En tout cas félicitation pour le soft qui me parait vraiment attrayant et hyper complet.

Bonne soirée.

Dear Pierrick Quillard Prevert

Hi from South Africa .

 I have downloaded your slot car software and had a look at it.  It looks really interesting.  As a newcomer to this I still have a lot to learn. 

Thanks and regards

Dirk Cornelissen


I must say that I really like this program! It seems to have almost everything in it.

Hello Pierrick,
 I've started using your ultimate racer 3.0 software and like it very much. 
Jon Wadie


Hi Pierrick,

            i've downloaded Ultimate Racer 3.0 and i have to say
            that's a really cool program!

            If you need help with the italian translation, just ask.
            I'm a programmer and a slot car hobbyst so if you need
            help i'm here.

Thanks again

Maurizio Massasso

Hi Pierrick.
UR3.0.03 are so full of features that I like for the hometrack. My father eyes got filled with water when he first saw the proggy (its his track im currently use)
See you.


"Better than F1 these days...;


This software does it all, does it all well, and does it all for free. Track designer? Check. Car maintenance and track records with photo? Check. Driver records with photo? Check. Race system with track records? You're covered. The best part is the tournament generator. You can define the type of tournament and the Ultimate Racer generates the heats. All you have to provide is your skills, your best car, and the competition. The developer even provides simple plans for a variety of track sensors. And unlike commercial offerings in this area, this program has very modest hardware demands. This makes it perfect for dusting off that old computer or laptop in the attic and setting up your slot car track design and timing and scoring system.

Highly recommended!

Dr. V


- Dr. Vanski

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your Ultimate Racer program on the internet.
I recently discovered and downloaded Ultimate Racer and am very very pleased with it.
It has been one of my slotrace wishes for some time to have a computerprogram to design a
racetrack, and now I found one. I owe about 40 metres of  Fleischmann racing track and about 12 standard Fly Ninco and Scalectrix lmp type cars. When building a track in the past there were
always bits and pieces leftover, and I think that with Ultimate Racer I can design the track that will leave nothing unused. I haven't had time yet to discover all the possibilities of your
program since I've been busy designing all sorts of tracks.
An enthousiastic Ultimate Racer Fan from Holland
Steef Piët
Oosterwolde (fr)


Salut Pierrick,

D'abord merci de m'avoir répondu, grâce à tes indications nous sommes
parvenu à faire tourner ton programme. Je suis en train de le découvrir et
je commence à m'y familiariser. Un seul mot:"chapeau", c'est super, c'est ce
que je cherche et dire que je ne savais pas que ça existait!
Pour l'instant, je chipote dessus la nuit dans mon bureau et il n'est pas
encore relié à un système de détecteurs. Je dois encore le fabriquer et je
vais opter pour le "Ehanced infra-red System"que tu décris sur ton site. Je
suis en train de concevoir un circuit 4 pistes.

En tous cas encore merci pour ton aide, et félicitation pour ton prog, à 39
ans je découvre que je ne suis pas le seul grand dadais à me passionner pour
le circuit routier.

Et comme dit Jean-Claude


Rudi Hennaut

Hello Pierrick:

We're putting together a page for online resources for slot racers.  May
we add a link to your page?  We'll be trying your program shortly, but I
have rave reviews from people have tried it.


Steve Smith
Smith Scale Speedway

First of all congratulations for your GREAT software UR30. In second place excuseme for my poor english.
Thank you for read this, and for an excelent software for races management.
Bye and thanks for all