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This page is reserved to Ultimate Racer advanced users and beta testers. It provides the latest development releases for testing purposes and enhancements/bug submit form.

The web page is splitted as follow:


Package downloads


UR30 Alpha/beta This zip file is a complete UR30 application with all its folder hierarchy. It does not need any installation. It has to be unzipped in a test folder to be used. That's it.

It can works with an already installed existing official UR30 release.

It has to replace the previous test package (to avoid to many versions on the same computer). So two releases of UR30 can work on a computer:

  • an official release, usually installed from the msi file, and downloaded from the official release download page
  • an alpha/beta release (this one & subsequent patches)

You do not have to manage several beta releases on your computer. This one is enough.

It's recommended to replace this package default database (.\database\SlotCar30.db)  by your official release database, each time you download & unzip this file for test. The beta release database structure can be unconsistent from one beta to another one.

NEVER replace your official database by a beta tested one. 

UR30 exe UR30 alpha/beta executable file. Replaces the current test Racer30.exe file.


Latest updates


Revision Description - enhancements & fixed bugs
Oct 27th, 2010 3.0.30a1


  • manage few secs of detection before pause or after heat end
  • French translation



Test plan

Test plan is a set of tests to be carried out on current alpha/beta release.

They are sorted by domain (basically Race Manager & Track layout editor), then by criticity (high/medium/low). All the tests can't be carried out by a single beta tester. It's a pattern in which each beta tester will find the tests he can manage.

The check box is used to tag the tests carried out.

Note: the test criticity change according to the fixes and releases.


Race Manager
High test new features (enhancements above), French translation & additional detection before a pause or after a heat ends

test fuel/refuel with 1 (inside pit) or 2 sensors (pit in/out). Any kind of sensors, including Ninco extension

test miscellaneous heat type like (staggered, first arrived, limited time...)

sort driver panes during heat

Medium section management

// port detection

webcam detection



Low intermediary sensors
Track layout editor
High publish layout on UR30 WWW


Medium 3D features


Low Zoom features

Bug report submission form

Race manager:


Heat setup Driver Slot cars Race/Tournament Circuit setup/Hardware Statistics

Track layout editor:


Layout editor Library editor 3D render

Bug/enhancement description:

Attachments (screen snapshots, UR30 database (slotcar30.db)...):

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