Ultimate Racer


Carrera sensor configuration

Hardware prerequisites

Ensure the Carrera lap counter is properly connected to the USB port before proceding with UR30 configuration.

Carrera lap counter

Carrera lap counter connected on =>

Carerra PC Unit

Carerra PC Unit OR Serial/TTL adapter connected on => computer USB port


Select RMS/IO in RMS/IO toolbar

Select "Detect slot car on lane #1" in the RMS I/0 toolbar:

RMS I/0 toolbar

Then select "Carrera Digital" as hardware to detect slot car #1 on the right side pane. UR30 switchs automatically to digital detection mode and configures automatically all slot car detection RMS I/O events:

RMS I/0 toolbar:


Configure & check settings

Specify in the right side pane the serial port configuration for Carrera digital lap counter (digital 124 & digital 132)

serial port configuration for Carrera digital lap counter

Use this pane to check the Carrera system behaves correctly. Detected slot cars are displayed in the text box.

The defaults COM port settings are the Carrera system default ones.

UR displays the Carrera detected event in the detected events edit box.

Do-it-your self cable

The Carrera PC Unit can be connected on a USB/Serial TTL adapter as defined in following picture:

USB/Serial TTL adapter

GND, Tx and Rx pins have to be connected on matching USB Serial TTL adapter.

Serial to TTL adapter shall be confused with USB/Serial adapter. It's a specific cable or adapter.

Here are Googlized links where USB Serial TTL adapter can be purchased:


Couple of examples:

USB Serial TTL adapter

Micro SATA Cables USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6pin Module Serial Converter ...

FTDI USB-to-TTL (Serial) Cable 5V

FTDI USB-to-TTL (Serial) Cable 5V