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Phidget interface kit 8/8/8 configuration

Specify here the Phidget interface kit 8/8/8 configuration attributes.

Phidget interface kit 8/8/8 configuration

Use this pane to check the Phidget behaves correctly : the connected input pin status must change from gray (low) to green (high) when an event is detected. The pin status must change when you click on an output pin.

Set the phidget serial number in the "Serial #" edit box. There is one serial number per Phidget. It's a unique Phidget identifier - usually available on a sticker on the rear of the board -.

The "Name:" box specifies the Phidget type name... when found. Otherwised an unfound message is displayed here.

Insure the Phidget is connected on the usb port before making any test. In case of failure, check the Phidget is available thru the "Phidget control panel" (tool shipped with the Phidget).

Caution: analogic inputs are not managed in this release. Their use is forecasted in the coming releases.

Phidget support: