NOTE: UR30 releases are now payable in order to collect funds to improve the software. The beta remains half of the price until replacement by official releases.

Ultimate Racer 3.0 (UR30) is a PC based race management system and track layout editor running under Windows 2k, XP's, Vista & W7

UR30 can be used to compute car/driver best lap time, count laps, chronometrize race duration, compare cars one to each other…

UR30 includes a track layout editor to design your Slot Car Circuit on PC. UR30 is provided with standard circuit track libraries and allows you to create your owns.

The Racer Lap Counter uses any kind of parallel based device sensor such as photo resistor, dead strip or photodiodes, refer to Sensors, Controller or Scalextric RMS pages for further details.

Check the online help for further details and whole software description. Otherwise play with it: that will avoid tons of page description to make your opinion! 

Check the FAQ for any questions about UR30.


Technical information

  • IBM PC or compatible 486 or higher
  • Windows XP, Vista, W7
  • Hard drive: 110 MB of free space
  • Screen 1024 x 800/256 colors minimal
  • Requires additional hardware for slot car detection   (see hardware pages)
  • RAM: 1GB or higher


Official built, what's new ?:

  • Download Ultimate Racer 3.0  - rev 3.0.31b1

Previous builts:

Installation instructions:

	- unzip downloaded file into a temporary folder, then click twice on the setup.exe file. 
	- for information: since 3.0.30b4 previous release uninstallation is not required anymore
	- install UR30 with ADMINISTRATOR rights
	- read this note in case of crash at startup (W7 users)