Slot car manager

Use this pane to create, delete and edit slot cars. It can be used as well to compare one slot car one to another.

Use the vertical scrollbar to access all pane features.

 Choosing a slot car

Select in the slot car grid the slot car you want to edit.

“Add” button creates a new slot car.

“Duplicate” button creates a new slot car with the same attributes as the current one.

“Delete” button deletes selected slot car and all it's race statistics.

The slot cars can be sorted by column title by clicking twice on corresponding column title.


Slot car palette

Use the slot car palette to sort slot cars by categories, brand or any miscellaneous sorting criteria. 

Slot car characteristics


This part of the pane shows the main slot car characteristic record :

-          slot car color : click once on the colored square to open the color selection dialogue

-          slot car name

-          slot car number

-          slot car brand

-          slot car brand reference

-          category of the slot car, chosen and defined at your convenience

-          owner of the slot car

-          racing stable (useful for clubs)

-          shop the slot car was purchased

-          manufacturer of the original racing car (Ferrari, Porsche, etc.)

-          slot car picture : click on the button below the picture to open the picture selection dialogue

-          sound played by the race management system when the slot car is detected by the sensors. The button “>” near the selection dialogue open can be used to test the sound.


This information can be updated according to your needs. All slot car information is available : Name, supplier, picture and category.

The slot car fuel consumption is set there. Refer to Fuel/refuel management for further details.

Click on button Add, Duplicate or Delete to create a new car or deleted current selected car. When a car is deleted, all its laps are as well definitively removed from database.

Slot car comparison

Displays stats about current selected slot car. The chart displays some special slot car data from the database. These data entries can be compared with other slot car similar metrics.

The chart can be scrolled using the mouse right button.

Use Displayed samples combo box to select the car information displayed into the chart.

Speed top 50 means the best 50 measured speed for all cars, sorted from the best to the worst.

Compared cars combo boxes contain the list of all slot car recorded into the database. Each time a slot car is selected its measures are displayed into the chart to make the comparison easier.

This feature is useful to group cars together by categories.

 Slot car statistics

Displays and sorts slot car statistics.

"Delete lap" deletes the lap attached to the selected stat.

"Show race" and "Show driver" displays the race history the stat was done or the driver who was handling the slot car.

 Slot car maintenance history


Record here all slot car maintenance tasks.


Each maintenance task is usually described by a main title and a date.


Click twice on column titles to sort maintenance tasks either by date or title.


Technical sheet

This part of the pane contains all slot car internal technical characteristics.



# pinion teeth : number of engine pinion teeth.


# Bull teeth : motor number of bull (crown/spur gear) teeth.


The bull/pinion ratio is updated each time the number of teeth are changed. Changing directly this ratio changes the teeth number to be as close as possible from the new ratio. The ratio can be scrolled between a predefined range of values using the scrollbar below the ratio edit box.


Tire diameter : rear tire diameter.


Motor name : motor constructor name.


Motor speed : maximal number of RPM (revolutions per minute) for this motor.




The simulation uses above defined values to calculate number of motor and tire rotations for a given distance (lane length). This distance can be manually changed using either the edit box or the scrollbar. 


Change currency, length and miscellaneous slot car attribute units

To change the slot car price currency, click twice on the currency name. It opens the "Slot car units" dialogue from where you can change all units displayed in the slot car view.

Caution : attribute unit changes are not taken into account to convert existing values into new unit compliant values.